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The Lodges History – The Lodges

History – The Lodges

The McLeods

Today traveling from The Lodges to Missoula is no more than a one hour relaxing drive along the beautiful Clearwater and Blackfoot River drainages. However, when the first lodge was built on Forest Service property around 1920, the ‘commute’ from Missoula to Seeley Lake was more adventuresome as the first dirt road around Salmon Lake was built in 1915. The famed McLeod family of the historic Missoula Mercantile were likely one of the first families to enjoy a Seeley Lake sunrise over the Swan Range from the comfort of a cabin and porch, steaming cup of coffee in hand. Although ownership of The Lodges has changed hands a few times over the years, the porch and pristine beauty hasn’t (photos of porch).

Shortly after the end of World War II the Forest Service permitted The Lodges to be enjoyed as a commercial resort and the smiling guests have never looked back. For over seventy years families and friends from throughout Montana and around the world have enjoyed the quiet charm and natural beauty The Lodges offer, some returning for generations. Charles Lindbergh was a frequent visitor, claiming the view of the mountains from the cabins were one of his favorite views in the world. But whether your a world renown traveler or a family enjoying a well earned vacation, The Lodge’s rich history will genuinely be enhanced with your visit and stay.

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